We have an expanding African-based network

of industry consultants, associates and partners, with a collective experience

Exploration management services include advice on mineral targeting and drilling project design. We assist with exploration programme management, data modelling interpretation and management

Due diligence on all mining services

Identifying and bringing new business opportunities in the mining sector

We provide continuity of on-site expertise on demand, thus reducing the overhead costs of recruitment, training and access to technical data.

We play a major role in the feasibility, planning, design and construction

We provide technical due diligence of mining properties,

valuations and independent technical reports and frequently acts as Independent Lender's Engineeer or Owner's Engineer.

For renewable energy companies seeking opportunities

We undertake basic “due diligence” work on Project Promoter

and act as your representative in initial discussions in DRC.


Mining Industry

We provide professional services to the mining, minerals and extractive industries both in DRC and Zambia

Energy Sector

For renewable energy companies seeking investment opportunities,we are here to help to undertake basic due diligence

Infrastructure Projects

We provide project and construction management services for infrastructure projects.

Importation of Goods

We are an expert outsourcing import export service company that can quickly and effectively solve your international import concerns.